Monday, 24 January 2011

Own the colour in your business sector

Differentiating a business from its competitors is perhaps the key function of any marketeer or business owner. And colour can be a very effective tool in achieving this aim.

As a society we are ever more visually focused. Imagery is often more powerful and instantly recognised that the written word, which is one factor that has lead to the development of logos as key element in visual branding for consumer products and in recent years for service businesses.

For many brands and businesses colour is an important part of their identity, sometimes as important as the actual logo. Yellow was, and perhaps still is, the colour that defines the photographic sector, and Kodak ‘owned’ that colour. It was a important tool in building brand recognition. Orange did it brilliantly by owning the name and the colour in the mobile phone market.

In my local area in South West London, Dexters the estate agency ‘owns’ pink. Their For Sale boards are so eye-catching. When I drive down a road and see 3 or 4 of their signs it makes me think that they must be successful selling houses if so many people use them.

In the States UPS are making the most of their corporate colour, one of the blandest – brown – by emphasising the colour and featuring it in their strapline ‘The Brown One’ and are using it to re-orientate their business to being ‘Your Logistics Partner’.

Making colour a strategic part of building your brand and marketing is good business. Do you want to own the colour in your business sector?

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At 10 April 2012 at 09:44 , Blogger Michelle said...

Substantial research shows why color matters and how color plays a pivotal role in all our visual experiences.

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